Schwimmende Photovoltaik-Anlage (Floating-PV)

Floating photovoltaic systems

With floating photovoltaic systems, both natural and man-made bodies of water become a sustainable source of energy. Active mining sites and post-mining landscapes can also be promoted and developed using appropriate PV concepts, and can be used in parallel for economic, energy and tourism purposes. Due to the natural cooling effect of the water, floating photovoltaic systems achieve a higher system efficiency and better energy yield.

Further ecological advantages result from sustainable energy generation using floating PV.

Due to the increasing climate warming, water bodies often face the problem of an increased formation of blue-green algae, which deprives the water of oxygen. The floating PV systems have a positive ecological effect, as the water surface is partially shaded and thus kept cooler. Overall, reduced solar radiation improves water quality and reduces water evaporation. In addition, a floating PV system provides additional resting areas for the fish population as well as protection from predators and safeguards the sensitive shore areas.


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