Freiflächen Photovoltaik-Anlage

Ground-mounted photovoltaic system

The installation of a ground-mounted photovoltaic system is often polarizing. One way out of the increasing conflicts of use with agricultural land use can be provided by innovative, integrated land use concepts. Using a collaborative approach, we work with communities, farmers and citizens on our open space projects.

Agriphotovoltaics: In addition to the production of food or feed or renewable raw materials, renewable energy is simultaneously generated on agriculturally used land by means of photovoltaic systems. However, the use of the area for agriculture remains a priority.

For us, this approach means a meaningful and profitable coexistence of energy and agriculture and supports an important cross-industry knowledge transfer in the planning, implementation and integration of PV-based energy production in agricultural and horticultural enterprises in Germany.

You can learn more about our approaches, experience and ideas in the field of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems in a personal conversation.


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